What If Babies

I would like to introduce you to some very special and monumentally important people who never were. Their stories are remarkable.

Richard Martin Valero - Birth due date January 5, 1982 - Died August 20, 1981
He developed an enzyme that promotes rapid crop growth and doubles the per acre yield of corn, wheat, barley and soybeans. Third world countries are able to feed their people.

Mary Elizabeth Golden - Birth due date November 15, 2002 - Died March 16 2002
She was a brilliant mathematician responsible for creating an encryption process that stopped computer hacking and made personal data safe across all platforms.

James Pappadoukas - Birth due date March 17, 2008 - Died September 12, 2007
He performed the first successful spinal cord regeneration procedure on a quadriplegic man paralyzed for 12 years. Not only did the patient walk again, but eventually he was able to run and ride a bike. The procedure is now used worldwide and has returned thousands to normal and substantial lives.

Allyssa Smith - Birth due date August 8, 2010 - Died February 4, 2010
She discovered the cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. After finding a little known chemical hiding in the brain cells responsible for the deadly disease, Allyssa labored for five years until she was able to identify the formula needed to block the mutation caused by the chemical.

William Vanderbilt - Birth due date June 15, 1999 - Died October 22, 1998
He became the greatest composer of the modern age. William wrote and played what some considered the most beautiful music ever performed in concert halls all around the world. His most memorable performance was attended by virtually all of the world’s heads of state on a warm spring night on the National Mall in Washington DC, with over 250,000 in attendance.

James August Learner - Birth due date February 4, 1995 Died August 17, 1994
He became the world’s greatest catalyst for peace, successfully, and almost single handedly, bringing peace to the Middle East for the first time. The peace treaties James negotiated among the nations will be held for over a century.

Mary Schneider - Birth due date March 26, 1995 - Died September 12, 1994
She donated her kidney to a Barry Klein, a little boy on dialysis for years and was on death’s door. Barry lived and grew to be a wonderful young man, married and had two children – Becky and Zoe. Becky became a great physician professor of medicine at John Hopkins. Her research advanced many areas of medicine, particularly in the field of birth defects. Her contribution to mankind is incalculable. Had she been aborted, Barry would have succumbed to kidney failure and died at age 10. Becky and Zoe would never be born, and the world would have been worse for that.

I am sure these magnificent would-be people would be against calling abortion a women’s health issue. Each held enormous promise and would have provided mankind with the greatest of accomplishments in the fields of math, the arts, medicine, world hunger and diplomatic affairs. There loss is beyond sad, it diminishes and damages all of mankind.

56 Million times lives that were meant to be were not allowed. 56 million times great things were coming into the world and vanished without a chance to achieve the glorious potentials they held.

To equate the abortion procedure to a function of women’s healthcare is preposterous, on its face. It is an invasive violent process that removes a living fetus from the womb. There is no other way to describe it. No manner of obfuscation or fancy word games can hide the facts. When the facts are ignored or hidden by proponents, their arguments are reduced to shrill and selfish utterances, at best.

How long will it take for humanity to acknowledge the self inflicted down fall of what might have been? How long will it take mankind to acknowledge the barbarous nature of abortion? Quantitatively, the odds are in favor of 56 million births producing at least some greatness. It cannot be denied that such a large number of children had enormous potential. Instead the scrap heap has claimed so many dreams, so many advances; so many great adventures and challenges overcome. What a pity.




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