Life Center of LI Success Stories

Thank you for helping me with Christmas. All the presents were wonderful. Thank you also for all the support you give me throughout the year too. You have helped me out so many times and I am truly thankful.
You are a good friend to me. It pleases me to be a client of yours. You are all so sweet, nice and kind.   I really love all of you with my whole heart.
Without you my son would not be alive today. Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without you.
You gave life to my daughter and I will be forever grateful.  She is the light of my life.
Thank you for all that you do and have done for us.   It's so nice to know someone as beautiful and kind as you.  You have renewed hope and faith in me and I feel better every time I see you.
Thank you for helping me and my family survive through all this.
I would like to thank you for your hospitality and your kindness, it has been a long time since anyone has treated me with decency. It is nice to know you can go somewhere and get help without being made to feel bad or like I am begging. God bless you all.

Post Abortion Healing Testimonials

What is your overall impression of post-abortion healing?

I just want to thank you and all the wonderful people that were there for me (and my husband) every step of the way. The struggle to come to terms with my decision is helping me to grow in faith and confidence and I can move forward with my life. It's about taking chances that are uncomfortable but rewarding. There is a place of healing inside me now. The pain and conflict within me began to subside after counseling was completed. It was a period of growth, self-discovery, and healing for me and to my husband as well. Thank You for helping us heal my life.
It was a very spiritual place. I got a good vibe about it. The people made it very comforting. Being an outsider, looking in, you realize the impact on people's lives that abortion creates. If there is any advice I can give to the men – [the counseling] was a good experience. I began to truly realize what was going on with my wife. It is very important to be supportive. It's just not her problem - but a family problem. It's important to be there for her.
From the first moment [I arrived], the volunteers created a warm, nurturing environment full of acceptance, respect and love that offered hope and help for healing. They provided a safe and caring atmosphere that enabled me to go back through many sad, painful memories and journey forward into healing and closure.
It was a liberating and freeing experience-powerful, faith based, filled with love, compassion and mercy.
The experience was a wonderful, illuminating, healing experience, one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Testimonials for LI Teen Freedom

I have learned more in three weeks than I have in 15 years. Now I understand that sex is a big deal. It is special and sacred. Now I realize that STD’s are no joke, that one in every four teens has one. My whole perception on teenage sex has made a complete turn around. I thank you for the message you have presented to me and I would like to inform you that you have impacted my life for the better. I realize now that I am worth waiting for. Thank you.
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