Name Phone
Joan Casale 516-781-1769
Jack DeSantis, CSW 631-361-8865
Dr. Victor Devita, PhD 516-741-0988
William Donovan, PhD 631-325-1030
Scott Forsmith, CSW 631-234-8490
Linda Kramps, MSW, CSW 631-277-6583
Hillary Levenson, BA 516-798-5047
Dr. Frederick Levenson, PhD 516-798-5265
Dr. Eileen McKeown, PhD 631-427-5294
Dr. Evelyn Peterson, PhD, PC 631-751-5600
Daniel Raffaele, CSW 516-795-7561
Allison Ricciardi, LMHC 631-385-9311
Dr. Maryann , PhD 516-627-1145
Kristin Schaefer-Schiumo 917-224-1207
Julia Schuerger, LSCW 516-678-6196
Christine Schrueger, LCSW 917-675-5028
Vivian Smith 631-366-4265
Dr. Bill Sperduto, PhD Psychology 631-724-0714
Linda Vanella, CASAC, LCSW 631-331-6145
Eric Wood, PhD 631-271-1918




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