Life Center's New Gift For Life Program

Over the course of the year we all celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays and other special events. At those gatherings people frequently feel compelled to purchase gifts as a means of recognizing the occasion. With the GiftForLife program, if you would prefer that friends or family make a donation to The Life Center instead of giving you a direct gift all they need to do is click on to the GiftForLife link and register a monetary gift of any amount in your name. The birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas present, etc. is tax deductible. Or, you can just as easily have the check made out to the Life Center in your honor and send it directly to us.

The LIFE CENTER is busier now than ever. If you could find it your heart during the next year as the anniversary, birthdays, Christmas presents get talked about, maybe the giver can make that gift in your name, supporting the Life Center.

A donation in your name to our GiftForLife program would be supporting the Life Center and helping us to reach out to pregnant women to help them choose life. We may never know in this world how many babies were saved from abortion because of the work of the Life Center and your financial support - but God knows.

Order a GiftForLife through our secure online donation system. Click here to order online.
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